Social media really makes me a bit sad. I find I end up comparing myself and elements of my life with all those perfect faces and places of everyone and everywhere else. It makes me feel empty and dissatisfied.

I can only assume that this is the way that this game is played – we feel empty and dissatisfied so we just pump more bullshit and sparkling, pyrotechnic white noise and meaningless fluff into our minds. Once the novelty of the new experience wears off, this in turn makes us feel more unhappy, so we turn once again to grazing on more ultimately pointless information noise – and the cycle continues in an endless spiral of participatory angst and emotional futility.

It is no coincidence that flushing money down the commercial toilets of casino slot machines incurs a very similar sense of emotional futility and dissatisfaction, nor that drug dependency invokes identical forms of psychologically obsessive and spirals of cyclically self-amplifying emotional futility. Does social media only really exploit us and invoke reflexive psychological and emotional dependency?

Inversely, though, it is also true that there are fascinating articles, images, people and places available through social media – the true question or reflection here may be of the quality of that personalised or self-curated content that we choose to expose ourselves to. Can social media ever be psychologically or emotionally beneficial?

2 thoughts on “Social Media and a Self-Curated Spiral of Depression

  1. I think social media is a blessing in ways that gambling or taking drugs never can be. Social media provides both brilliant and stupefying content and provides us with an equal platform to publish our own content which may be either brilliant or stupefying or anywhere in between. I am willing to spend a minimum amount of my personal time wading through the noise in order to find the jewel in the lotus. Besides, it allows me to catch up with distant loved ones.

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