…and this logic of self-inflection and self-replication is more than just a symbol. At the foundations of logic, mathematics and physics we find the topological and enigmatic equivalent of this entity. It infuses all of life through the rich diversity of methods and strategies by which living matter self-replicates and organises itself by a mischievous tactical manoeuvre of logical self-containment.

This is the aperture of creative opportunity by and through which living systems grow and acquire or cultivate complexity and it is also, fundamentally, how we each live, love and learn as we, ourselves, and our material, technological and cultural artefacts are the transmission medium through which this paradoxically self-propagating logical shockwave, born some 13.8 billion years ago, continues to flow.

The logical necessity of recursively enigmatic self-propagation remains mysterious and somehow also essential for life and sentient experience.

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