Taxonomies, Marmalade and Technology

Taxonomies, the branching logic of binary algorithms and decision-trees that – as though by the stealth of cultural (and commercial) entrainment and that generally unwitting human self-obsession which rarely notices that the rising tide and hyper-inflating menu of choice has become anything but an augmentation of freedom – have flooded us with logical paths and there, frozen in time and wistfully suspended, the memento mori to an image of free will, like the dessicated skeletal remains of a (deepest, darkest) Peruvian bear crushed in a Black Friday stampede for high-grade marmalade, these binary Linnaean cartographies cast long shadows upon our lives.

We rarely notice that the accelerating complexities of conditional logic and algorithmic concision come to infuse our lives at every level. Just as internet search engines have changed cognitive practice – we do not need to remember or comprehend beyond superficially demonstrating aptitude or competence, we merely need to know the location and method to search for information – our thinking has become in many ways (and literally) techno-logical.

Do we exploit technology or does it exploit us? It is a question invoking unprovable truths.

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