The Ghost Ship of Organisational Mismanagement

…and what is the Marie Celeste, the Ghost Ship of lost management, other than a rudderless and listless vessel, a Ship of Theseus, revisiting the misinterpretations and confusion of the Elders upon their progeny? It is of course simpler to copy, to replicate, to adhere to the blind grammar and rules-based “but this is Best Practice” where any “best” has long-since been extracted by the serial incisions (a death of a thousand cuts) of hierarchical inertia and utter, utter conformity; a shambling, reanimated Frankenstein of flaccid anachronisms, idioms and empty, soulless methods.

We have all seen these errors and redundant organisational practices – they are Globally ubiquitous. It appears to be a truth that where a good idea arrives – manages to survive the hazardous percolation through the battlefield of monolithic egos and twisted barbed wire – it is rapidly dusted in quick-set concrete and trundled off to a museum of certification, justification and self-validation.

A beauty in symmetry of organisational efficiency and effect is not in an architecture and sum total of transactional intimidation, it is in the living flow and adaptive complexity of creative heuristics and transformational open-systems.

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