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Engaging Fake News: Information Security, Journalism and Artificial Intelligence

Here is some interesting content on the topic of identifying fake news and media content Verifying online information: The absolute essentials.

Related to this – AI is rapidly becoming proficient at generating compelling, targeted falsehoods and dissimulating sources across diverse media artefacts, channels and contexts.  In information security there is a turn towards entirely automated forms of attack and defence (i.e. using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc). 

An associated reflection is that of the extent to which, not only is authentic (!) “Fake News” a limited sub-set of a vigorously contested information-space on a broad spectrum up to and including cyber security, but automated technical methods of information assurance may find themselves as mandatory resources employed by fact-checkers and journalists.  There may be no other way for them to keep up with the proliferating entropy and swelling tide of AI-generated false content.

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