Future of Work: Will AI create a Vocational Apocalypse?

What is perhaps most disturbing about the artival of autonomous systems and AI is not the plausible inevitability of monumental vocational disruption; it is that there are so few ongoing or persistent, well-informed and broadly-accessible public and (non-partisan) political discussions regarding the extent to which these upheavals will reshape entire economic, social and cultural value systems.

What happens to the many, many millions displaced by a mass turn towards autonomy in information, communications and robotics (including manufacturing and logistics) systems? This displacement has clearly long been underway and as a consequence of the underlying thermodynamic and information costs of technological metamorphosis, industrialisation and the computational turn in organisational methods.

Do we expect that there will really be a multiplicity of jobs created by the new industries when the commercial and (interdependent) technological momentum is for rapid, algorithmically compressed and optimally low-cost solutions?

It is certainly not all doom and gloom but there really needs to be more well-informed public debate about the actual (or probable) consequences, less fascination with the AI marketing hype, and honest, unbiased assessments of future system states.

Context: Experts Predict When Artificial Intelligence Will Exceed Human Performance

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