Logic: Indefinite Extensibility

The indefinitely extensible essence of logic (Gödel, 1931) is both bug *and* feature. That which provides a possibility of recombinatory (technological, organisational, psychological) development, of the degrees of freedom by which we might define (and endlessly redefine) the meaning and substance of “intelligence” or “technology”, is also the tangled hierarchy of inertia and entropy within which we all find ourselves mired. #Janus

In what ways does psychological inertia influence, shape and (quite literally) gravitationally warp the possibility or state-space of unexpected technological and cultural (self) discovery and information entropy through which it passes? Implicitly, foundationally, constitutively – this recursive self-entanglement and autonomously self-propagating information and energy-processing (i.e. distributed computational) system is precisely what subjectivity, academic identity, culture and technological hyper-inflation consist of.

Mathematician Greg Chaitin proved that for any non-trivially sophisticated sequence of symbols, there is *no* shortest or most concise representation or program from which that sequence can be reproduced. This, among other things, is a degree of conceptual freedom here.

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