Logic: Indefinite Extensibility

The indefinitely extensible essence of logic (Gödel, 1931) is both bug *and* feature. That which provides a possibility of recombinatory (technological, organisational, psychological) development, of the degrees of freedom by which we might define (and endlessly redefine) the meaning and substance of “intelligence” or “technology”, is also the tangled hierarchy of inertia and entropy within […]

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The Creativity of Cultural Erasure

Every act of creativity and recombinatory cultural reconfiguration is both additive and subtractive – it is an addition of complexity and structure and is simultaneously the systemic logical negation of existing methods and strategies of organisation and thought.



Any science of dynamic complex systems might find unexpected utility in recursive application to it’s own theoretical foundations and through this – a self-conscious insight into the process of complex systems theory development itself…


Topology, Boundary, Possibility

It is a mathematical and logical fact that there is always at least one way to extend a sufficiently sophisticated axiomatic system into new (and potentially useful) reconfigurations…