Logic: Indefinite Extensibility

The indefinitely extensible essence of logic (Gödel, 1931) is both bug *and* feature. That which provides a possibility of recombinatory (technological, organisational, psychological) development, of the degrees of freedom by which we might define (and endlessly redefine) the meaning and substance of “intelligence” or “technology”, is also the tangled hierarchy of inertia and entropy within […]


Higher-Dimensionality, Negation, Logical Freedom

Organisational and technological systems are generally structured by linear, procedural and additive modular methods. The new degrees of freedom available at a logical level are rarely acknowledged. Unexplored, abstract logical spaces of literal higher-dimensionality also exist. Higher dimensions are not magical, metaphysical mystery tours in some “other” spatial place or additional bolt-on to reality; they […]

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Cybersecurity’s Unacknowledged Truth

The whole cybersecurity enterprise seems to be built upon a suite of psychological and culturally-reflexive assumptions that assert that there exists even a possibility of logical or systemic closure. No such closure or completion is possible and this is rarely acknowledged.