Unravelling Tapestries of Cryptographic Entropy

The endless unravelling of assurance at one end of this cryptographic tapestry is simultaneously the enduring incentive, obligation and functional necessity of creating more sophisticated and impermeable logical entanglements at the other end. A question which springs to mind is as to the plausible inevitability of an acceleration of applied human or machine intelligence overtaking the rate at which cryptographic complexity can be cultivated.

Relative speeds of accelerating technological competition in this context are bound to oscillate, to reflexively and recursively interact. What happens if (and when) the threshold and event horizon of developmental and abstract mathematical distance is crossed, even relatively briefly, and most, if not all, secrets are laid bare? Now that is an instance of information system entropy that should give anyone pause for thought.

Observe the contemporary paroxysms of a globally-interdependent information and energy-processing system under extreme epidemiological duress. Imagine an information system corollary. Logic suggests that the algorithmic complexity is endlessly-extensible but it is fascinating to watch as we race, self-inflected, against the evolving bounds of our own intelligence.

Context: New record set for cryptographic challenge

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