Alien Anthropology


Money is the crux of our shared existential crisis – and yes, regardless of the extent to which you are willing or able to admit this: it is a crisis, it is ongoing and it is the status of any adaptive system that is subject to an evolving momentum through entropy towards complexity. We store value in abstract concepts that material necessity has cultivated; passively observing this as an emergent, aggregate burden of imaginary concepts that develops it’s own self-propagating rationale, it becomes normative and creates something of a vacuum towards, through and as which we are all rapidly drawn.

Our greatest burden, beyond the accelerating technological and cognitive complexity within which we (all) exist, is that of an entrained and acquired belief that the world as it is – the configurations, components, and the gestalt, hyper-inflating referential space of all these abstractions – is in any sense normal, necessary or inevitable.

Money is a technology, a tool that emerged out of the complexities of socioeconomic evolution but this symbolic abstraction is not itself the value that it stores; understanding this is freedom from the rolling disaster of chaotic adversarialism in a manifest form of conflict as transactional social reality. The key knot to untangle here is that the difference and dissonance that is generated by this system of symbolic abstractions is precisely also the method by which more symbolic value and wealth is generated.

We certainly require methods and technologies of transactional relationship as this is the energy that inflates our economies and technological evolution with developmental possibility. What we do not require is the shambling, predatory and kleptocratic quagmire of self-perpetuating dysfunction that we currently have.

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