There is No Self, No Other; just the Love that binds them…

In what distant deep or skies…

…and there we all are, staring longingly into the mirror of our own projected aspirations to completeness, wholeness, happiness and peace; there only to discover that as soon as we identified the concept, the idea and Object of our desire – of our Self, of an Other or some compound material external entity or (self-)possession – that this difference and distance by which we self-define must necessarily exclude us from the peace, the unity and (re-)unification that we seek.

We can no more find ourselves externally than we can attain (to) ourselves internally and precisely because no such Self exists as anchor or foundation. This is a truth which will of course never pause us in all our striving, in our vain hopes to closure and completion as this is the core cognitive reflex and existential fact: that we inhabit this difference and distance or dissociative information (and referential isolation) that hyper-inflates this space here, between two impossibilities; the metaphysical unknowing of Other and the logical emptiness of rationality, of this interior surface and topological vacuum.

Our core illusion runs deeper than this, though. We assert a reality and substance or substantive truth to this existence that we self-evidently accept as that which we experience or embody but fail to recognise that this point-self, defined as it is inversely between these two infinities, is itself also an improbability, an impossibility and an emptiness.  The infinity is unbounded, as these kinds of things must necessarily be, and distributed across the whole surface of the world; we all come (here) to not-exist as soon as we exist.

We are all mere “tricks of the light” that in loving our own dappled, adaptive reflections mistake both them and ourselves for facts. Perhaps, then, there is no self, no other, only the love that ripples, wavelike between them?

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