Difference, Information, Discontinuity

Embracing the implicit difference of the information through which define ourselves and our lives is constitutively, implicitly alienating.

Those referendums, surveys, elections, measurements and points of difference by and through which we generate information-as-difference are also the reflexive anchors of aspirational certainty and ordered taxonomies of Self upon which we have anchored an entire civilisation.

The binary or ontological difference, distance and inevitable dissociation we need to self-define is the source of all our evils.

It is inescapable because the source of these evils is simultaneously the source of all that is good, compassionate, intelligent and sophisticated and valuable.

There are unresolved fractures in this world that are as much of ourselves and our minds as they are native to reality and they constitute an unmitigated and unresolvable singularity of paradoxical discontinuity within us all.

Art by Shaza Wajjokh.

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