Diversity in Organisational Leadership

Microscopic image of Vitamin C, viewed with polarised light.

Monocultural or ideological hegemony in organisational leadership is a recipe for disaster.

As a general observation, when organisational systems fall into overtly biased configurations and power symmetries, it is rarely a consequence of willful misdirection. From the interior surface of a half-mirrored labyrinth of self-validating justification and institutional logic, this kind of monocultural percolation may seem to be perfectly reasonable and might plausibly occur as a natural corollary of tidal flows in information and energy-processing symmetries endemic to large-scale behavioural, organisational and communications systems.

Of course it is a major problem. Diverse leadership cultivates a diverse problem-solving aptitude well-suited to those volatile contexts with which we are (all) now endlessly faced; cultural hegemony cultivates problem-solving well-suited to the self-propagation of the institutional logic that creates it.

The problem is – from within the systems that fall into such biases, there seems to be no problem because the existing and unquestioned institutional logic creates such hegemonies quite naturally. An organisational system that privileges the self-propagation of anachronistic institutional logic over the merits of adaptive, dynamic and truly innovative leadership?

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