Welcome to the Machine

It is a tesseract. Every action, thought, word, gesture, sentence, idiom, emoticon and (yes, every) blog post – it’s all part of the hyper-inflating information space(s) we inhabit. Posting introspectively back into this maelstrom is perfectly, eminently sensible and is a reflex we all acquire as certainly and surely as breathing.

The thing I think we probably all miss, as though by necessary epistemological blind-spot, and unpalatable as it is to contemplate (pending each individual’s own level of maturity and aptitude), is that our aspirations towards self-determination and an alienating, dissociative self-definition as individuality via communication are themselves more symptoms than causes of this soliton-like and autonomously self-propagating information system we inhabit.

We might speak easily and facetiously of the tail wagging the dog; what of the language or the grammatical and technological idioms of an era (inversely) wagging the tongue, the nervous system, the brain? We are the transmission medium for all this complexity, and as probabilistic decision-machines of complex adaptive patterns of information and energy-processing. It is a system that inhabits us much more than we it; even identifying it is recursive.

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