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On Influencing Others

Context: Influencing the mind of an adversary

It really makes me wonder what the future (or present) utility of statistical approaches combining neurobiological feedback orchestrated or forecasted through and as machine learning might be. The commercial extraction of utility through social media via algorithmic abbreviation and influence is clearly just such a practice.

These brains we inhabit (and all the distributed, corollary sociotechnical systems they assert themselves in or as) are information-processing systems of exquisitely intricate complexity and combinatorial depth but there remain reflexive triggers and logical, systemic discontinuities to be leveraged.

Narrative triggers and pivots of influence are plausibly limited to a sub-set of all possible referential frames but we might not be so surprised that myth and literature have quite clearly and long ago delineated the general shape(s) and psychodynamic geometries of these vulnerabilities, largely agnostic of changing contexts.

Social media (for instance) may indeed in many ways be the mythology of our present moment. The archetypes and templates of behavioural and conceptual vocabulary endlessly self-propagate in relatively predictable ways; forecasting probabilistic behaviour allows for shaping and influence.

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