On good ideas…

Good ideas sell themselves. It is only the bad ideas that need to be brute-forced upon a people that then, having been bludgeoned by repetition for so long, comes to believe that such incessant cruelty is the normal state of things. Human beings are really quite naturally amazing and despite their natural curiosity and native orientation towards problem-solving, innovation and intelligence will all too easily and readily submit to the narrative narcosis of acquiescence to a tyrant.

We all too simply and effortlessly (or instinctively) copy our peers and then finding that this behaviour has become an apparently insuperable and (eventually) unquestionable flow and tidal surge of normative behaviour or submission to false authority, it then becomes much easier to yield to what everyone else is doing, even if we know deep down that it is or may be profoundly wrong or even morally corrupt. This is a fact which like all others remains true whether or not you choose to believe it.

Notice also that it is only ever the tyrants and the selfish fools who claim to possess the one and only true path to freedom, whatever ideological shape or political flavour that comes to possess. There is no one true path of freedom and peace and this, in paradoxical truth, is a wisdom that inversely reveals just what a true path and better world could or might actually be. If you understand this, please reflect deeply on it.

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