Irrationality is Endemic

As a shadow to the light…

Context: Logical Fallacies

Curiously, though, logical fallacies have a largely unacknowledged and arguably pivotal role to play in the successfully sustainable continuity of cultural (as much as cognitive) communications systems. What is inaccurate or even outright absurd often carries more information entropy and influence than that which is, strictly speaking, factual or true. It is for this reason that fakes very often fly further and faster than facts.

Much might be made of an enduring and plausibly irreducible faultline of productively discontinuous and constructively dissonant irrationality in contemporary mass communication systems. An enduring, dissociative and partisan political narrative of difference and differentiation becomes, for instance, the optimal transmission medium for its own self-propagation and all as a quite natural orientation within complex adaptive systems towards optimally concise combinatorial recursion.

Notwithstanding the enduring emotional power of prose, poetry or any other artful ambiguity of skillfully-misdirected rhetorical metaphor, I doubt we will ever comprehensively understand this world or ourselves in it if we do not acknowledge that irrationality is as endemic to humanity and narrative as paradoxes are to logic.

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