Linguistic Conflicts

That which binds us also breaks us.

What we assume as the central tenet of language and (other) symbolic systems of information-encoding is not in fact its goal, it is a supporting consequence and effective symptom of a system that, like all non-trivially sophisticated or complex entities, first and foremost seeks continuity and replication. The primary purpose of human language is not communication and it is only and primarily as a functional artefact of the structure and process of living language itself that we come to believe this.

We do not (or only) self-propagate through our information-encoding and decoding systems of language and technology anywhere near so much as these systems endlessly reproduce themselves through us. The core purpose and self-validating rationale of conflict at intra- or interpersonal levels is as a function of the extent to which ambiguity, uncertainty and doubt reproduce the information-encoding mechanisms by and through which that dissonance is generated and as which it self-validates.

Wars are, for instance and beyond being the ultimate absurdity of life on the little world we share, the self-replicating complexity of a technology and information-encoding system that optimally reproduces relative to the threshold of chaos and dissonance that it, itself, invokes. We fights and hate or fear in equal measure to the interior surface of an autonomously self-propagating mechanism (or is it organic?) Of information system self-replication.

It is not that we do not bear responsibility here, it is that our primary methods of cognitive grammar and cultural (or ideological) belief are also those systems of natural, patterned complexity that optimally reproduce through our shared confusion and intermittent belligerent self-determination. We do not control the world through words and it is indeed, to reiterate, a consequence of the structural requirements of viral-lunguistic or technological self-propagation that leads us to believe so.

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