A Strategy over Lunch

I found myself attempting to explain some subtle points of holistic systems strategic symmetry over lunch today, framed in the context of sporting teams. It seems very much not that my insights or reflections were incorrect so much as that the audience for them was inappropriate. Do you ever find that in explaining a complex concept that you are met with blank stares and confused facial expressions? It happens to me all the time and I am really not at all certain how to negotiate this human world.

The essential concept was (and is) that any two opposing teams or adversarial systems are actually fundamentally and foundationally interdependent. Each team is both directly and indirectly shaped by the other. In a dynamical sense – each team composes and consists of a system that inadvertently contains the other team as a function of both attack and defence. Each system contains the other but both systems are mirrored in and as a single, unified system that contains itself. This is the levelling-up of strategic thinking to a new dimension and expression of language or cognitive and conceptual subtlety.

The fish and chips was ok. The conversation, disappointing without blame (or shame), washed down with a bottle of non-alcoholic ginger beer. Such is my life, it seems.

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