Sic Semper Tyrannis

The twilight of my own aspirations to a peaceful and purposefully useful life on Earth appears to be the dawn of a new Global stupidity. It would be somewhat less distressing to witness a general dissolution and devolution into the flailing, lumbering madness of political and ideological conflict were it not that the buffoons who assert such self-assured certainty have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

From resurgent fascism to authoritarian masquerades of strength and purpose, it is of course nothing at all new that the world should be plagued by so many that disguise their ignorance with all anger of pomp and ceremony. Look at them, that is – do not merely see them, really look at them and you will see it – the brain of reptilian infant screaming for attention and dragging all of us along with it into chaos and confusion.

How is it that we are all so easily led into distraction and self-destruction by such remedial childish narratives of emotive appeals to baser instincts and the hive mind of schooling fish or swarming locusts? It is because we all share this same primitive brain and the same base desires, rage and anger that forms the substrate of our minds is activated like a power switch by the simplistic stories the ideologues tell.

Stepping beyond the simplicities of a dull and uninspired group-think or the pathological narcissism of unwitting cultural and historical deception is really quite terribly difficult. It means to stand apart, to be authentically intelligent and to effectively, enduringly question the truth of the reality with which you are presented. If we do not stand against it at a planetary level, the dictators – those unrepentant bastards and all of their attendant selfish, greedy vultures – they win.

Open your eyes and look at what is happening to all of us. We are not and certainly have not always been, but we certainly can be better than this. Humanity is not at the end, we are only at the very beginning of our story and to acknowledge this is to be set free from ideological and political deception.

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