The Rudderless Reality of Human Systems

Systems without a center…

It always strikes me as being an astonishingly dark irony that the core and kernel of a psychologically reflexive desire to identify or assert centralised control systems in the world is quite plausibly the key causal factor that almost entirely problematises and renders such control as functionally impossible. This indicates a deeper psychological property and cultural symptom – there is an unacknowledged symbolic economy at work here.

By asserting a principle of (and aspiration to) control in ways which necessarily occlude it, the core symbolic, emotive and caricatured rational vector of seeking closure is endlessly self-validated by the persistent absence and constructive uncertainty of the narcissistic Object around which it orbits. This is a self-contained and autonomously self-propagating dynamical system that – like all other self-organisational and complex ecological artefacts that emerge with ubiquity – possesses no center and no periphery. No one and nothing is piloting this system.

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