Memetic Entropy

Information entropy wears many masks. The reason that fakes fly further and faster than facts is, similarly, because they carry more information entropy as potential energy or consequence. This is an issue of complex systems dynamics and holistic logical analysis which is still, on the whole, very poorly understood and inadequately articulated at an academic level.

Semantics are distributed, non-local, networked and the successful self-propagation of any information artefact, entity or event through a networked transmission medium of minds and devices is a function of the extent to which entropy (as potential, possibility, option, choice, system dimensionality) is maximised, amplified. Context is everything in semantics but that context is nothing without the nodes that store their significance, distributed across and as it through autocatalytic feedback loops.

Memetic abbreviation is functionally nodal but entropy is globally-distributed; often stored or archived, resourced and effectively processed beyond the entity that represents it. Simple entities can carry more gravity and effect because their entropy is stored externally, in and as the cultural, psychological and technological transmission medium they inhabit.

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