Belief is a System of Fictional Narrative

Belief is a system of fictional narrative that by sufficient self-replication begins to masquerade as truth. In systems of language and communication, all definitions are made in terms of other definitions that inevitably loop back to enfold the entire system in a singularly intricate autocatalytic loop of self-referential tautology. Systems of belief are similarly self-inflected […]


Memetic Entropy

Information entropy wears many masks. The reason that fakes fly further and faster than facts is, similarly, because they carry more information entropy as potential energy or consequence. This is an issue of complex systems dynamics and holistic logical analysis which is still, on the whole, very poorly understood and inadequately articulated at an academic […]

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Cultural Mnemonics

Jimi Hendrix is one of those icons and representational idioms that provide a counter-cultural mnemonic eloquence. His presence is resonant with Jim Morrison, a prismatic Dark Side of the Moon, posters of Henry Fonda on his Harley in Easy Rider. The cultural nodes of these idioms are undergoing constant representational metamorphosis and this artistic thread […]


The Implicit Psychological Entropy of Social Media

Ideological turbulence, media distrust, fake news and the hyper-inflating bias towards successfully self-propagating inflammatory rhetoric in (or as) social media is one instance of a broader principle through which life and intelligence negotiate and harness or exploit entropy in information and energy processing systems.

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Self-Propagating Memetic Information Systems

Human minds are self-propagating patterns of information that are implicitly biased towards seeking biological, cultural and technological methods of (self-)reproduction.


Harm Minimisation and Epidemiological Criminology ?

An epidemiological approach to violent crime ? It has proven to be a successful strategy and seems to me to be eminently sensible.