The Gossip Game

Much of the analytical (academic) discourse regarding social system self-propagation gets swept up and away by the effective subset of communication and information propagation that it, itself, represents. The point: human social systems not only exhibit but constitutively are the distributed mnemonics and information artefacts they produce.

Academic and institutional contexts derive value (and relevance) as eloquence across limited technical vocabularies that in their form and flow inadvertently render themselves as microcosms of their objects of study. This is an irreducible, functional blindspot that inversely indicates what shape a successful, Global theory of influence and information might optimally assume.

Notice that, agnostic of purpose or goals, the value of a mnemonic (i.e. limited conceptual) vocabulary in gossip (or technical language) derives from the extent to which it successfully abbreviates its object while simultaneously generating copies of itself both in and as the optimal transmission medium of its own effective self-replication. Logic, information, complexity, physics – we rarely perceive what we ourselves are and this occlusion is the cognitive obligation as ticket of entry to the gossip game.

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