Actually, this is why we can’t have nice things…

Unrelated photo of supermodel intellectualising.

Most of us have to endure the gradual and eminently tedious acquisition of eloquent versatility across increasingly narrow conceptual and technical vocabularies and only then, having been profoundly shaped by the normative logical and grammatical, behavioural or cognitive organisational practises that aspirationally contain and constrain systems as a function of their sustainable continuity, finding ourselves in positions of influence we more often cut our losses and go with whichever dysfunctional flow we find ourselves inhabiting.

This is how empires form, why fools and tyrants are so easily able to percolate to ascendancy and power, and it is why in our daily lives most of us end up suffering the slings and stones of outrageous incompetence and proliferating inefficiency; just so we can live a little longer, regardless the cost upon conscience or intellect.

We so easily surrender ideals for a pragmatic acquiescence to the facts as they are (or as they appear to be) and in so doing, we barter away our dreams for a uniform, a normative orthodoxy of culture and a life we would never have chosen if we ever understood it as or believed it to be anything other than an inevitability.

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