Alien Anthropology

The Dragon that Ate its own Tail

The general arc and trajectory of a pathology is rarely identified or recognised by those that inhabit it; this functional blind-spot is a partial representation of core cognitive factors that exist as much inter as intra individuals and in or as distributed ideologies. Notice, though, that the curious self-organisational resiliency of autonomously self-propagating (and entirely accidental or unguided) complex information systems indicates that a step into self-suffocating failure actually serves unacknowledged and essentially unquestionable underlying dynamical symmetries.

A key factor in the assertions of political determination here are, as in many related individual or tribal psychological pathologies, that an other as perceived, identified or manufactured threat must be created and against which to self-define and validate persecutory complexes. The cultivation of an insecure and fragile interior psychic (here, socioeconomic or brute-forced cultural) surface reproduces the necessity for the invention or identification of an external threat to justify and validate the presence of the pathological failures that become inevitable. It becomes obvious to observers but remains forever transparently invisible to those so entranced by their illusion.

Which dragon? That, too, is really kind of obvious if you think about it…

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