Swimming Against The Stream

Swimming against the stream and powerful tides of conventional thought and behavioural orthodoxy is the only way to ever do anything of enduring value or significance in life. It is also the hardest life to live. Authenticity and sincerity or conscientious adherence to your own values will cost you more in suffering and hardship than […]


Quicksilver Concepts

I appear to spend an inordinate amount of time peripatetically wandering around pondering wistful wisdoms, diverse philosophical insights and complex intuitions. Capturing or projecting mental insight and creative visualisation into written (or spoken) words is an exercise which loses a great deal in translation from the quicksilver or pure thought to the grammatical and semantic […]


On Hoarding Objects, Ideas and Organisational Inefficiencies

Buddhist psychology almost exclusively locates the preponderance of human misery in this world to the many and diverse methods by which we attach ourselves to things in the world, to objects, possessions, people and ideas…