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On the value of not stealing ideas…

…and yet the persistent absence of intellectual creativity is a necessary condition for its acquired significance and perceived value. A principle of scarcity in economics resonates. That said, I’m not certain that the boundary conditions between intellectual theft and ethical practice in any autonomously self-propagating sociotechnical (information) system has been, or perhaps ever could be, […]


Actually, this is why we can’t have nice things…

Most of us have to endure the gradual and eminently tedious acquisition of eloquent versatility across increasingly narrow conceptual and technical vocabularies and only then, having been profoundly shaped by the normative logical and grammatical, behavioural or cognitive organisational practises that aspirationally contain and constrain systems as a function of their sustainable continuity, finding ourselves […]



An interesting montage of ideas and images, reflections from some powerful thinkers on the topic of conformity. Possibly more important than ever in our current socially-mediated, hyper-normative mass communications world…