Information contains matter.

Information contains matter.

We are all struggling with what are really little more than the contemporary stone axes and torches of technological hyper-extension of human intelligence to comprehend and leverage the implicit complexity ourselves and- inevitably- of the Cosmos from which we emerge and ofvwhich we are each microcosms. On an infinite arc and trajectory into complex systems and plausibly unending dimensional sophistication we find ourselves delimited by the colloquial caricatures, institutional boundaries and interpersonal communications networks we inhabit. We are, in effect, merely paddling in the shallows of infinity.

Matter and material artefacts, entities and systems are that which we viscerally, intimately and intuitively know and understand but they are in essence a catastrophically diminutive sub-set of all that is or that might ever possibly exist. Scientific method is profoundly important but on the ascension towards identifying and comprehending the unique properties of whole and complete systems there is always something missing, something indefinable.

Knowledge of the ultimate unity and resonant properties of indeterminate complexities that exist is for various logical and material reasons always going to be inadequate and partial. What would happen if we were to suspend disbelief in the limiting sentient intuition that is life’s natural inheritance and come to know or perhaps experience the “other end” of this infinite ascension?

Two points of salience at unity:

1) The logical sum total of all complexity and complex systems is equivalent to zero.

2) Information contains matter.

I’ll just leave these words and ideas here, sitting as they are in exile from attention and in an obscurity that is only ever shared by both the most ridiculous and the most profound ideas. Which category defines the notions I illustrate above – ridiculous or profound? It’s your choice, I am exhausted from negotiating with the abject simplicities of everyday unknowing and while I may be as much a victim of this as any other – in seeking to bottle infinity in this way, I hope to provide you ways to set yourself free.

Information may be expressed in or as matter and the various properties of material and phenomenological reality as experience but information and its corollary logical and dimensional depth is far vaster and more complex than the tiny dragon’s tail we currently identify as reality. Take this little sugar cube of all that you know and dissolve it into an ocean of infinite complexity – that is what I am gesturing at and this can never be captured in words so I ask you to harness your intuition and imagination instead.

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