Distributed Intelligence

Intelligence is somewhat catastrophically problematised by our inability, from within the system, to ever fully capture or represent the system. From within language (and logic) we generate models as fantasies of complete and consistent truths that much more closely approximate to systems of belief that, similarly, simulate closure and completeness without ever being able to effectively capture it. The simulation of autocatalytic system self-containment is impossible within language (and logic) because this system of representation is itself essentially incomplete. The incompleteness itself actually and inversely gestures towards just what such a logical and soliton-like self-containment might actually embody. Rather than seeking intelligence in a single, solitary or unique location, we instead find it distributed across (and as) the entire information “surface” of, for instance, a cultural communications system.

Consider these all as relatively autonomous and yet loosely interdependent concepts that self-propagate through a transmission medium of human minds; the cognitive hyper-extension of technology as language, culture and belief is a matrix in which we find ourselves – yet again – gazing into an abyss of a complex system of which we are only components but not the core or kernel facts. The greatest error and fallacy in all of our aspirations to understand these information and energy-processing systems is that we are somewhat bound by psychologically reflexive teleologies of language and cognition to place ourselves in the center of the system and, much as with the Ptolemaic model of astronomy, we generate unnecessary complexity, logical intricacy and confusion when we assert ourselves here as necessarily central.

To defocus from the instances of information or complexity as consciousness in undecidable propositions or omnipresent entities is to shine a little light into this domain. All these systems of linguistic, philosophical and logical self-reference and their artefacts, entities and sub-systems are merely soliton-like patterned complexities to which we represent a simple (if stochastic, gullibly pliable) transmission medium.

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