Ideology as History

It is worth noting that the pathological certainty with which tyrants assert their possession of singular truth and privileged certainty is really no less than the driving dissonance from which all human history endlessly retreats. This turbulent misanthropy compels us forward and endlessly regenerates precisely those forms of psychological and cultural insecurity which produce tyrants and their collaborators as sycophants.

I notice several nations currently generating precisely the forms of international discontinuity that recursively reproduce the necessary conditions of self-validation for their own belligerent expansionism. It is an old game indeed, preying on psychological insecurity through nationalist rhetoric that self-propagates precisely the kinds of distributed dissociative alienation within and between nations as to create an optimal transmission medium and narrative self-validation for the blunt caricatures that such ideology depends upon.

It is uncertain if people are always aware of the nature and patterned consequences of the games they play but it is certain that there are those uniquely pragmatic intellects who will exploit leverage where and when they find it. The possibility of accelerated degeneration into global conflict is the risk that inversely encodes value and utility into these political gambits. The core pathology is as a system of belief always and already detached from any anchor in reality and so is quite able to engage in catastrophically self-extinguishing destructive acts.

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