It’s quite unpalatable but is also true that for the overwhelming majority of us, access to the means of digital self-expression remains inversely proportional to either our reach or effect upon others and the world at large. Subsequently, almost all of our heartfelt longings, witty aphorisms or philosophical insights and literary anecdotes are bound to fade into a new kind of obscurity. This is an oblivion marked and marred not by any particular fading into a bleak and barren wasteland of non-existence and forgetting. Rather, this is the other desert of utter desolation, of being and becoming just more information and noise in the buzzing mega-hive that as equally extinguishes us in vast and sprawling tesseracts so full of meaning and experience encoded as words and ideas that they (and we through them) have become all but meaningless; atoms scattered upon the void.

There exists an endlessly dissociative alienation that binds us all together in hyper-inflating connectivity, long ago becoming stultifying, viscerally suffocating. We find that those same voices and subjective identities that were our tickets to play this game have simultaneously become the burdens and cost of participation. Yes, it is all a little sad but it is perhaps no surprise that we in general and on the whole are so enthusiastic to double down on the absurd concepts and personalities that do percolate to ascendance in global internet-mediated culture as they possess a reality and aspirational certainty that we never can.

Ironically, these concepts and celebrities are themselves only ever filled up with the aggregate loneliness and desperation of so many millions of isolated souls and, in this, represent nothing more than a grand masquerade and pathological inversion of each and all of us. Engaging the existential void is not easy but leaving it unacknowledged only ever generates dissonance and discomfort. Is this then the lesser of two evils?

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