Biological Complexity: Bootstrapping Explanations

The endemic, near-ubiquitous orientation of dynamical systems towards the emergence of purposive information and energy-encoding and processing (as essentially computational) mechanisms is astonishing.

When and where these artefacts, entities and relatively closed (as bounded or measurable and defined) self-propagating patterns arise, it is worth reflecting that while the coding logic is in general our main explanatory and analytical focus, it is in fact (and also) the many and varied ways in which these mechanisms are imperfect and incomplete that provides sufficient ontological wiggle-room for the indefinite extensibility that makes them useful.

Notice, also, the systems and patterns of analysis that we have cultivated as useful abstractions around these biological facts are as subject to change and self-inflected evolutionary metamorphosis as are the objects and entities they intend to explain.

It is at this level in which we discover that the shifting sands we intend to define are also an intractable function of the systems of explanation that a hint of unified systems theories resides.

A conspicuous absence of explanatory closure indicates where and how we might proceed here.

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