On Selectively Breaking Occam’s Razor

Complex systems have a way of reproducing themselves quite agnostic of the methods we use to influence or shape them. Where we assert causal ontologies we tend to do so under the scope and rubric of many prior assumptions. Data is a function of observations that tend to reproduce and self-validate the assumptions by which […]


Biological Complexity: Bootstrapping Explanations

The endemic, near-ubiquitous orientation of dynamical systems towards the emergence of purposive information and energy-encoding and processing (as essentially computational) mechanisms is astonishing. When and where these artefacts, entities and relatively closed (as bounded or measurable and defined) self-propagating patterns arise, it is worth reflecting that while the coding logic is in general our main […]

Ontology Philosophy

Systems Unity

System/environment boundaries are really somewhat arbitrary. It is generally only on the simplest and most rudimentary vectors of analysis that we can ever speak clearly of any kind of Manichaean system/environment differentiation and unambiguously-articulated identity or closure. Where and when boundaries are easily delineated, the systems under discussion are generally quite uninteresting and unrealistic. Systems […]


Quicksilver Concepts

I appear to spend an inordinate amount of time peripatetically wandering around pondering wistful wisdoms, diverse philosophical insights and complex intuitions. Capturing or projecting mental insight and creative visualisation into written (or spoken) words is an exercise which loses a great deal in translation from the quicksilver or pure thought to the grammatical and semantic […]