Alien Anthropology technology

Technological Competition

That our failures and our successes are intimately entangled applies as much at nascent planetary technological civilisation level as at any other. Interesting, also, to conjecture that our greatest failures (in microcosm and at scale) are generally in and of a partisan adversarialism that as reflexive psychological and existential compulsion cycles and oscillates through this transmission medium of human subjectivity, belief and culture.

Notice that the carrier wave of abstract difference and geometric distance as projective or unveiled definition of information (and all that follows) constitutes the propulsive vacuum of a technological metamorphosis that might be said to be the only ever true benefactor of competition as conflict.

It is curious to observe just how viscerally as though instinct we shape our technologies and (shared) experience around this hyper-inflating logical depth and inter-dimensionality that drives us to serial conflicts just as much as it raises us all up. That systems of belief are essentially and only ever anchored upon themselves is hardly in question; that logic mirrors this is much less obvious, at first. Our greatest failures quite mischievously rest in (and arise from) the logical self-containment that our greatest achievements emerge from.

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