Alien Anthropology

World Peace

If it were not so utterly catastrophic, this situation would be as fascinating now as it might be to some future generation of historians. The combinatorial entropy as intractable complexity of conflict being what it is, and the perennial failure of institutional language (or individual cognition) to adequately represent (or assert control upon) it, what species of radiating possibility still remain open?

This situation could quite easily be or become the Great Filter of self-extinguishing absurdity but I think that the words, the narratives and the idioms of communication we engage with, cultivate and reflexively amplify the possible futures within the scope of language, communication and intelligibility. It is all quite frightening and to claim otherwise is manifest neurotic hubris.

The language we use, the words we share and the percolating probabilities in, of and as positive mental attitudes are what will carry us through this storm by providing the possibility of peaceful paths through the forest of facts with which the world presents us.

In each small act or asserted vocabulary of optimism and hope we cultivate our future selves – personally, politically and at the planetary civilisation level. We will get through this.

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