We should never use empty words but it is all we have…

Understanding that language is essentially quicksilver and almost impossible to control or unambiguously direct for communication and meaning is a difficult realisation to negotiate. A consequence of this problematic ambiguity is that the kinds of language and narratives or systems of belief that percolate to ascendance tend to be quite remedial and simplistic. This inevitably creates apertures of opportunity for variously self-interested misanthropes to use language to deceive and misdirect others as way of winning arguments and shaping differences towards their own selfish ends.

Indeed, it is important to not play word games of trickery and deception but is also useful to understand that this human argument (or conversation, if lucky) exists in some senses prior to and transcendent of it’s own meaning or truthfulness.

Language, that is and very much also as with lived human experience or history, maximally self-propagates as a function of its deviations, divergences, stochastic turbulence and the generative discontinuity of a difference and distance that constitute the kernel core of identity as much as of information or organisation and technology.

What appears upon one cross-section of the facts as dissonance may quite readily acquire unity and purpose under another method or framework and asserted structure of analysis. Language maximally self-propagates as a function of the ambiguities and degrees of freedom that are endemic of it.

Where, when and how to negotiate this generative void is a critical question.

Wittgenstein said that we can not say anything of it but the utterance and assertion of an absence is still an ontological presence.

A useful concept is an intellectual charity in which we assume that this uncertainty in another’s use of language is a symbol of benevolence. It is a sound idea, a problem being that many systems of belief (as much as their corollary subjectivities) can never engage in such a conpassionate economy. Indeed, the narratives and the selves that language produces thrive upon this difference and deception in ways that I am uncertain that humanity will ever be mature or intelligent enough to successfully negotiate.

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