Deep Dreams: Through a Glass Darkly

What I think we might all often fail to understand, seduced as we so easily are by the constructive discontinuity of such biomimetic entropy, is that this is not the product of some alien as Artificial (or Machine and Algorithmic) Intelligence anywhere near so much as it is the reflexive abstraction and unbounded metamorphosis of our own imagination as it iteratively self-propagates through the transmission medium that the hyper-extended cognition of technology represents.

We are gazing back into our own minds and the phenomenological matrix of experience, sensation and memory as mirrored back to (and staring back as) us by the many millions of images that such essentially mathematical functions as statistical approximation to complex spaces are procedurally and non-linearly curated upon.

It is strangely unsettling and hauntingly beautiful but should not surprise us too much as its peculiarity is still a function of some tangible familiarity.

In as much as this is not of us or our immediate experience, it is also perfectly intelligible and intuitively comprehensible as resembling, if altered, the world we already know – just with many more (as adaptive or dynamically fluid) degrees of freedom, uncertainty, extensibility and novelty.

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