Shocking AI Art is actually Nothing New

It’s certainly an interesting faultline, the arrival of all this AI-generated creative material. I suspect that, rather than devalue human creativity, and once the dust settles from the first few waves of grossly over-used generative AI design, an authenticated artist’s work will actually acquire more – not less – value.

The general arc and trajectory of technological metamorphosis has not dramatically changed, it has merely undergone one of those periodic accelerations that – as phase transition of self-inflected logical or referential exponentiation – are as inevitable as they are confronting when they first occur.

Alvin Toffler was writing about this “Future Shock” decades ago. “The Shock of the New”, in Robert Hughes’ book title of the same name, engages with this endless stream as form and flow of generatively creative discontinuity that manifests in the radiative speciation of intelligence, language, culture and technology.

The distance between significant sociotechnical transitions diminishes but the essence remains the same. The symbolic gestalt as referential or logical space hyper-inflates both in and as stochastic reconfigurations of a field of information, energy and communication.

The literal technological shockwave optimally self-propagates as a function of surprise.

Context: Adobe has a message for creatives worried about the rise of AI art

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