Dark Logic: The Disinformation Entropy Paradox

A curious, perhaps mischievous, property of complex adaptive systems is that they are autonomously biased towards the means and methods of their own optimal continuity, succinct encoding/self-representation and environmental self-propagation. In this sense, and while acknowledging that diverse actors can and do wilfully generate turbulence and confusion, a listless vessel of policy or doctrine is […]

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Information Age: Influence and Deception, the Omnipresence of Conflict

A game of information, influence and seeded (or targeted) turbulence is unlikely to be winnable (or won) by reproducing and reinforcing the structural, organisational components that merely reproduce and self-validate the axioms, grammars and rules of that game. These games are won by rewriting the rules; by extending an existing grammar and logical framework in […]


Unhackable Systems ?

Creating an “unhackable” system is a lofty aspiration; systemic closure is an implicit logical problem.


Information Conflict may overwhelm us

When information and communications systems become massively autonomous, will we be able to react to the unfolding events in any competitive information and communications space?