Context: America and its economic allies have announced five “democratic” principles for AI

Deriving a select few axiomatic principles with which to shape the influence and consequences of AI is an admirable aspiration. Statements of unity, shared purpose and democratic principle are valuable and are to be expected as a matter of proactive self-definition when faced with what is a major developmental inflection point in the history of technological civilisation on this planet.

The future of these autonomous systems, beyond even the economic oscillations or geostrategic vicissitudes and aspirations of our shared Global history, are more likely to be determined by the most efficient and effective methods by which AI itself self-propagates than by any particular ideology or culture. Technologies emerge as aggregate and convergent expressions of cognitive extension and then recursively bootstrap back into the flow and form of those cultural and ideological systems that birth them.

Democracy or Authoritarianism are very likely only the abstract mediums through (and as) which these self-propagating logical information and energy-processing systems pass. Assertions of political and economic self-determination are how human beings understand and organise themselves but in the long game of history, it is the self-replicating evolution of the logic of technology itself which wins.

Only the logic of technology wins war and war is indeed the one place that it’s accelerated technological evolution is guaranteed. All of which leads us to a probable inevitability of conflict, written deeply into nature of information systems and logic.

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