Alien Anthropology

Premonition of Civil War

The underlying momentum of evolving material logics, symmetries and information systems seem already oriented towards incurring dissonance, difference and entropy as an autonomous method through which their own accelerated logical metamorphosis self-propagates.

Context: A world divided by 5G: Russia’s Huawei deal is the latest sign of an emerging internet iron curtain

An observation from a General Systems and/or Information Theoretical perspective is that, considered as a gestalt system of self-propagating information patterns, non-linear systems are likely to seek optimal methods for their own self-replication. Complexity science instructs us as to the emergent properties of those biological and material systems which autonomously and adaptively recreate both the internal systemic and external environmental conditions that bias their own continuity.

The emergent patterns of optimally concise logical metamorphosis which generate sentience, civilisation and the cognitive extension(s) of technology find themselves most effectively self-replicated through an incentivised and accelerated phase of growth characterised by the “useful entropy” of adversarial competition. Ideologically agnostic analyses of Global information and political systems indicate that the logic and information systems themselves benefit most from restrained conflict. What we experience as fractious division and competition is (also) the iteration of an accelerating and self-propagating compression wave of evolving logic passing through a transmission medium of material and psychological culture.

Only logic wins wars.

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