Random You

We are actually all a lot more random and emotional than we tend to realise.

We are actually all a lot more random and emotional than we tend to realise. The way that we exist as psychological entities is always already a matter of acquired bits and pieces of information reconfigured into patterns that optimise our chances for survival and organic continuity in the world. No less than our cellular code (i.e. genetics) is a product of trial and error over deep historical timescales, our psychological self is an acquired or entrained recombinatory sequence of material facts and immaterial (abstract) information. The self-identity that appears to reside in the centre of you, as you, is a juxtaposition and hybrid montage of thoughts, ideas, words, language, images and reflexive instinct. While you to some extent choose how to organise that pattern, this pattern is no more you than a single passing wave on the surface lake is water – you are that abstraction and persistent entity which passes through this complex information system of culture and language, of ideas and sensations just as it passes through, and manifests as, you. You (and I) are at core a transient and passing illusion in time, if a mischievously persistent one. That element of randomness and chaos within you is a result of many factors but in essence manifests the method by which difference and change occur through systemic metamorphosis; repetition with variation and an ancient and oscillating thread of life which passes through you, as you, in this moment.

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