As you get older it seems that your options diminish, quite literally and as entropy takes hold the vast numbers of disordered states that you might end up in become less improbable, more certain. It is not so much a matter of age as it is of experience and an aggregate burden of negotiating the proliferating complexity of life. It really becomes harder to juggle and manage all of the moving parts.

The same could probably be said of a civilisation; in this case – a planetary civilisation. The momentum of change and endless metamorphosis is a finely tuned (if entirely autonomous) dance of entropy and information, of disorder and self-propagating pattern. In the end, it all costs more than it can ever return and the unravelling edge of the tapestry of the extended cognition of technology grows faster than human intelligence can forestall.

Life is a flickering flame in the darkness and an inevitable dissolution into material dissassembly is certain – for individuals, for civilisations, for Universes. If there is any way out of here, any escape vector by which we may each and all together avoid the immense singularity and strange attractor of existential emptiness to which we are all predestined, it is in the realm of pure abstraction and immaterial pattern but – even then there are problems of information and entropy.

Technology is young, humanity little more than in its infancy (still). Youth will not save us from the stark facts of physics or a logic of material necessity but that is not the biggest problem we (all) face in the near-term future. Parochialism and foolish pride will accelerate our downfall and for all of the angles and perspectives I see, even the chance of civilisation-saving solutions are born into a barren and ossified symbolic world. A selfish pursuit of wealth and power is our collective requiem.

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