Alien Anthropology

Ideological Trickery

The primary cultural purpose of the production of ideological and political difference is the continuing production (and reproduction) of ideological and political difference. The logical abstractions of information and entropy self-replication autonomously seek optimal methods of self-replication and self-propagation – through the individuated or tribal cognitive entities and artefacts of culture and communications systems.

Observe how so many people are willing to even go as far as to lay down their own lives (usually after sacrificing others) in order to obtain or define (and display) a reflexively self-validating identity. The abstractions of information and entropy express themselves through us and through our actions and assertions. The greatest trick of all is for us to believe that these adamant rhetorical or behavioural demonstrations of ideological affiliation are in any sense owned or possessed by us.

The variegated concepts of ideology and politics are information patterns that function as masks of identity and meaning for human minds. We do not possess or choose to wear these masks so much as these masks wear us.

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