Culture, Communication, Complexity: An Endless Inflection of Exploratory Investigation

I appear to have made several fatal errors of judgement in attempting to decode culture, cognition, communication and complexity. The essence of comprehension and information that we attribute as rational, foundational and amenable to explanation is not encoded in such a way as to ever be fully decompressed, unpacked, structured and recorded. It has always been obvious to me that incompleteness and endlessly-extensible, open-ended information pattern self-replication is the nature of this game. It should also have been obvious that the grammar of this kind of game is one in which, the meaning is distributed in such a way as to be only ever partially visible. There is always a hidden component and consequently, I will never be able to tie this all off into a neat bow.

Systems of self-replicating information provide for their own continuity through permanently obscuring a kernel of code or essential logic, like DNA but distributed and abstract. This is an autonomously-emergent heuristic method of seeking continuity and protection from catastrophic system collapse by embedding redundancy into the distributed foundations of that system. Cultures do this by holographically encrypting the whole system (indirectly and in a distributed manner) into each of its sub-systems. Any artefact or entity in a cultural system contains encoded representations of the whole system within itself – this is an unguided or “blind” process which is a result of information and energy-processing systems seeking the optimal solution to self-replication, self-propagation and indefinite environmental tenure or continuity.

Uncertainty and doubt are the only certainties. Observe carefully where any individual or group asserts an ideological answer to a problem – the more certain they are, the less likely they are to be correct. It is an autonomously-emergent feature of a material logic – and everything derivable from it – that the primary purpose of all this tribal affiliation is the self-propagation of those abstractions and complex relational symmetries above and beyond whatever problem or situation the solution or explanation was directed towards.

The average bureaucracy is a case-in-point of exactly what happens when the abstract representations and self-propagating self-validation of a complex system becomes its own rationale above and beyond the problem-set to which it was originally addressed. More value is obtained by partial solutions and continued propagation of the problem as it provides plausible continuity for the problem-solvers. Consider pretty much any hierarchical administration – this is something of a universal organisational fact. Those inefficiencies that most effectively provide for the continuing presence of context-specific encodings of organisational heuristics are the key rationales that are selected. This is also happening within every mind, ever social and cultural sub-system and every gestalt system of systems that exists. It is endemic, implicit and it is intractable – a tumour that is likely to kill its host, should it ever be surgically removed,

My own attempts at explanation also fall into this category of self-propagating and inexplicable partial representations of the whole system in which they participate and from which they have emerged. Regardless that I believe there are ideologically-agnostic solutions to cognition, communication and complexity that most effectively explain what is going on here, the disembodied abstractions of self-organisational complexity are flowing like liquid through, around and as my own attempts to explain them. We are all trapped in this. There are probably effective partial solutions and adaptive explanations but there are no ultimate solutions. There is no “best”, there is only “better” and we would all do very well to be suspicious of anyone that asserts complete and error-proof truths of ideological or organisational certainty. The world just does not function that way and neither do my philosophical investigations of it.

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