Unanswerable Questions, Infinity and Freedom

If there is one thing of any value to learn about the ways that the forms of our lives exist, it is that there is no single, simple or final answer. All of logic, all of knowledge and all of reality finds itself riven by that mysterious discontinuity and self-inflection that, in encountering itself as an object of it’s own introspection (as it inevitably and eventually must), discovers that the loose entangled threads of all this cosmological tapestry are both the beginning and the end point. Understanding this mystery requires a radical inversion and structural displacement of meaning, even within the act and artefact of explanation itself.

What, though, is the act and artefact of explanation? It is the sentence, the syllogism, the theorem, the equation; it is the cognitive and linguistic grammar by which a concept is articulated – internall or externally. This sentence, your comprehension – these are the artefacts of self-explanation and a recursive pattern through which we build ourselves, our experience and this sense of momentum and directionality in time. The words can never quite capture the mercurial state-space, experience or sentience and adaptive metamorphosis of imagination and pre-linguistic visualisation – again, an enigma and mysterious question is implicit.

The autonomous flow and form of life and intelligence towards sophistication, complexity and sentience is nothing more than this self-inflating logical vacuum invoked earlier. It is disconcerting at first, but gets less startling after a while, to realise that the Universe is not at base fully explicable and that it only ever (and initially) appears so because the teleological reflexivity of the linguistic and logical methods through which we exist are only comprehensible, relatively consistent or self-validating if they can project an external anchor for their meaning.

This is a well-worn circular staircase – the expanding volume of referential space is boundless, self-contained and even were one to aspire to ultimate answers, these could very likely only appear to finite sentience as unanswerable questions. Unquestionable answers (of any persuasion) are the temporal, wordly construction of insecure minds seeking certainty in a world which is materially and logically unable to provide this. Infinity and its corollary of a creative emptiness and logical negation are open and unbounded. At base and before we have the superficial and external boundaries of other people’s minds, expectations and the aggregate burden of human confusion and convention that is the spiralling arc of our shared genetic, cognitive, cultural, ideological and technological history – we are all fundamentally, profoundly free.

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