Alien Anthropology

Information Systems: Self-Gravitational Collapse

In a world of information over-saturation, where the constant bombardment of spectacle, news and entertainment has reached a fever-pitch of colour and noise, where images, faces, people and (our) lives rush past (and through) us at an ever-accelerating pace – we find ourselves inhabiting the vacuum of our own dissatisfaction and dissonant disconnection with the very symbols and meanings that should (if they ever truly did) provide comfort and a sense of belonging.  Into this yawning abyss of meaningless noise… we pour more information, more images, possessions, images, people, places, objects and experiences.  While falling towards the ever-distant center of a gravitational collapse defined by accelerating complexity and self-propagating patterns and waveforms or abstractions of information and energy, we never seem to notice (or acknowledge) that we crossed the event horizon quite some time ago now and all paths, all futures through space and time are destined to trace an inevitable arc towards a center that they (and we) can never reach.

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