Alien Anthropology Philosophy

The Reflexive Isolation of this Digital Life

The more technology connects us, the more it isolates us and the more these tools of information and communication allow us to define ourselves and our lives, the more uncertain they leave as to who we are and what (if any) purpose we have in life.  We do not use information technology so much as it (also) uses us and for all of the benefits and vocational, professional, economic or recreational utility these integrated systems provide us, we never really seem to notice or acknowledge that we give away more of ourselves and our lives than we ever receive in return.  We do not (only) live through these abstractions and self-propagating logical rationales of algorithm, of extended-cognition and of the adaptive referential matrix of a virtual, symbolic culture – these immaterial abstractions and patterns of information and energy-processing, of emergent biological and material computation – they live through us.

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